What do we have?

Callander by Numbers

We think it is important to present everyone with accurate information before they take part in the consultations. It’s normal for all of us to make assessments based on our own experience but, sometimes, the reality can confound our expectations.

The Local Place Plan principal is anchored in data: how many, how far, how much, and so we will be updating these data sets every 3 months to help keep you up to date on how Callander is changing.

If we want to reverse any existing plans for the town, or ask for new initiatives, we will have to prove that we have the support of the majority of the community and that our suggestions are realistic and achievable. The statistics in this section will provide you with information to help you decide what matters to you, and the community.


People Make Places. This section looks at how Callander residents live their lives. Our schools, our homes, our leisure activities, and social lives.

People & Homes




Here we look at how we get around within the town and how we connect with settlements out with Callander. There is, we think, an opportunity for Callander to become better connected - creating interlinked pathways and cutting walking times. These measures would benefit residents and tourist equally.

Getting Around



Callander’s economy has relied on tourism since the early 19th century. Tourism dominates our business sector and creates jobs for our residents. But the tourist market is changing rapidly. Should the community support an economic development policy that would potentially ruin the sense of place we enjoy, and take trade away from existing businesses? Or should the community take the lead – placing the needs of residents above those of visitors?



Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD)


People move to Callander because they love the unspoiled landscape and the access to safe open spaces. Here we look at some of the advantages we enjoy as well as some of the problems we will face in the coming years. We also look back over past community consultations and look at the successes and failures, and ask what needs to change?

Our Natural and Built Environment

Green Spaces

Callander Community Council's view

Read about our methodology in obtaining the above numbers.