Local Place Plan – where we are now.

After a few months of negotiations, and countless Zoom meetings, we now have a text-only draft of Callander’s Place Plan. This version will be put to the Community Council for approval at their next meeting, on October 17th. You can read a pdf version of the text-only draft HERE.

If the draft gets approval from the Community Council, it will be sent out for a 28-day consultation to our 7 neighbouring Community Councils and our 3 Ward Councillors. This is a statutory requirement of Town and Country Planning (Local Place Plans) (Scotland) Regulations 2021.

Why are there no pictures?

We are working with the National Park’s GIS team to produce maps illustrating the location of the proposals within the Plan. Maps are also a statutory requirement of the Local Place Plans Regulations, but take weeks to finalise. We hope to have these signed off by the middle of November.

Once the 28-day consultation period is over, we will drop them into the document, along with a cover photograph, and submit the finished Plan to the Park, for registration. We are doing things this way around to save production costs and to speed up delivery of the Plan to the National Park.

Will the National Park listen to what we have to say?

The good news is, yes, they have started to consider incorporating some of our community’s suggestions into their next Local Development Plan, ahead of the final submission.

Can I submit a comment on the draft version?

The 35 proposals have been decided by a majority ballot of the community and cannot be changed. If you have any constructive comments or alterations you would like to see made, to the general tone of the draft, you can contact me at coordinator@callandercdt.org.uk to discuss before the cut-off date on October 14th. This will give me time to amend the version to be approved by the Community Council. The Community Council are not the authors of the Place Plan and so cannot amend the text, however they can approve, or not approve the contents. Please be aware that Stirling Council and the National Park have seen draft versions of the Plan and are already working with Callander civic groups on implementing of the plan.