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What is Callander’s population?

Estimates from the National office of Statistics for 2020 put the population of people living in the Callander Community Council area at around 3543. However, these estimates are based on 2017 figures and so probably underestimate our 2022 population by around 175-200 using these assumptions we put our population (when all RSH properties are occupied) at around 3720.

The 2001census put our population at 2754, the 2011 census at 3,475. On that basis we estimate the population of Callander will have grown by around 20% since 2011 and 36% since 2001

For details of how we reached that number please see the methodology page.

How many residential properties are there in Callander?

We estimate that there will be around 1725 residential properties in Callander at the end of 2021. However, it is important to understand that at least 53 of these properties currently appear to operate as self-catering businesses. This suggests that 3% of all residential property is now self-catering accommodation.

For details of how we reached that number please see the methodology page.

The 2011 census reported that there were 1,642 residential properties in Callander.

How many affordable rented homes are there in Callander?

When the RSH estate at Claish Farm is fully occupied there will be 355 affordable rented homes in the Town. RSH will manage 197 of these properties and Stirling Council will manage 158. This represents 21% of all residential property.

How many new build houses have been completed and sold since 2017?

Only 6 new builds appear to have gone onto the market since 2017 although the National Park have earmarked sites to accommodate 192 new homes in their Local Development Plan for Callander, 50 of which have been completed. We will add a link to go to the LLTNP development plan page asap.

How much has the price of housing in Callander gone up since 2017?

Most of us think that there has been a huge increase in house sales in Callander. While it’s certainly true that house sales have picked up since the 2008 financial crisis, the volume of sales remained constant between 2017-2019. The average price increase 2020/2021 is 4.5%. For 2021 the average house price in the Stirling Council area was £240,876 (source: Rightmove) compared to £207,778 in Scotland.

Last update: 04/04/22

For details of how we reached that number please see the methodology page.