Callander's Place Plan Process

Our current place for the Local Place Plan process, running from September 2021 to October 2022, is shown below.

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Phase 1 - Fact finding

Focus Groups | High School pupils | Callander residents

September – November 2021

  • 8 focus groups from specific sections of the community
  • PAS toolkit for residents – identify strengths and weaknesses in the town
  • High School pupils audit our town facilities

Phase 2 - Analysis and feasibility

Businesses | Steering group | Landowners | Local community groups

December- January 2022

  • Identify emerging themes.
  • Identify potential delivery partners.
  • Estimate costs to complete.
  • Identify land for proposals.

Phase 3 - Public consultation goes live

All Callander residents

February – March 2022

  • Online survey goes live.
  • Paper copies of the consultation circulated to each household in Callander.
  • Incentives to participate.

Phase 4 - Analysis and feasibility

April-May 2022

  • Analyse results of public consultation
  • Assign delivery partners to community proposals
  • Only proposals with clearly indicated support across the community to be considered for final document. Proposals must align with Scottish Government National Planning Framework (NPF4)

Phase 5 - Negiotiation

June – July 2022

  • Assess support from statutory authorities.
  • Negotiate with LLTNP and Stirling Council where needed.
  • Callander residents updated on progress of negotiations.

Phase 6 - Delivery

August-October 2022

  • Plan delivered to statutory authorities for comment.
  • Final Callander Local Place Plan written, designed and published.