Place Standard Survey Results

The results of the Place Standard Survey are in. The chart summarises how you scored Callander across 14 different parameters.

Graph showing scores across different areas. Public transport 2. Traffic and parking 3. Moving around 3. Play and recreation 3. Streets and spaces 4. Influence and sense of control 4. Care and maintenance 4. Facilities and amenities 4. Work and local economy 4. Housing and community 4. Social interaction 4. Care and maintenance 4. Feeling safe 5. Identity and belonging 5. Natural space 5.

Scale: 0 indicates there's a lot of room for improvement, 7 indicates there's little room for improvement.

Public transport, moving around, traffic and parking, and play and recreation have all scored 3 or less, meaning they need to be fixed most urgently. We received over 2500 comments from residents, and these will all be carefully considered.

As soon as we have analysed your comments, we will post them here so that you can see which specific issues are most important to the community. In May and June all Callander residents will have a chance to vote on a final list of community priorities and these will form the backbone of Callander’s Local Place Plan.

Conversations about the new primary school and a revised Callander South Masterplan are already taking place between Stirling Council, the National Park and Callander’s community groups. We expect to have a final version of the masterplan by the end of March and will post it here as soon as we have it.

There have also been discussions with community groups in Killin, Doune and Aberfoyle about better transport links and extended walking/cycling routes between our settlements.